My SL Guilty Confessions *Cough*

May 24, 2013


OMG. I am so sorry for not being on SL! Real life business and sickness has gotten in the way of things. :( I am still sick... I should be lying in bed sleeping but instead I thought I would just sneak a post. :P

Sick owl needs some rest

So I guess I've missed a couple of Berry's fantastic memes! (I'm so guilty!) 
Which brings me to do this meme; "My SL Guilty confessions"
OK lets start.
  1. I am too shy. Lol it's a virtual world and all but there is a real person behind an avatar. I just feel awkward sometimes when I want to say hello to someone but I'm afraid if I become friends with them, they'll probably find me boring or SL anti-social (which I am becoming, seeing that so many events are taking place in my RL.) Even with some friends, sometimes I can't say hello because either I'm afraid I'll bother them or I might suddenly go busy on them. D: 
  2. I try not to buy L$ too often or at all because I think there is no need to use my money on virtual things. Unless I really really like them. Every once in a while I will give my avi some Lindens. :P (I am the worst avi owner) LOL. 
  3. I don't feel completely comfortable dancing with a partner in SL. I just don't know. It feels weird especially if the guy your dancing with always puts on the most intimate dances. >< Then I honestly really don't enjoy it. I have a RL bf so it feels wrong to me even though it's just dancing (with kissing, touching etc.) So if I don't agree to dancing with you, don't feel hurt about it. You're probably a good dancer, I am definitely not. :P
  4. Lol if you flirt I won't flirt back. Hahaha if you catch a guy flirting with me it'll most likely end in "You're no good at flirting." OH WELL. I wasn't trying to flirt crazy person. :P
  5. I take too many photos in SL. D: I have so many I should delete but just can't get myself to delete! Well I'm loving the new flickr because as you know I don't have a pro acc and the changes has allowed me to upload more pictures! (yay!) 
All right only five guilty confessions because my head is beginning to hurt. I hope everyone is happy, well and missing me. :P Thanks all who hope I get better. I will. :)

Ahhh! D:

OK my last last guilty confession... I still have ugly feet and am not going to bed! Not with this woman here! 

What I'm Wearing:

Skin: Belleza - Ava 0 in Medium

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Amber Pitch

Hands: SLink - Mesh Hands (av)

Hair: Clawtooth - Sugar Kisses
Top: Hucci - Ramara Top in White 
Shorts: Mon TissuCuffed Denim Shorts - Classic Wash


Tiny Princessy Owl

May 14, 2013


Hello all! I'm just owl-ing around or you can say hooting (?) around as usual. (Fail Daniella. Not even funny!) *hits head* :P Anyway was play a game with my bf where I ask him the most random questions! LOL one of them were if you could be any animal what would you be? He would be a gecko or a monkey. That silly owl. ;P Hehe. Well I wouldn't be an owl to be honest but something that can fly would be awesome! I love heights. 

Dani Owl above doesn't fly very much. Look at her, lying there like a little princess. Way too spoilt. :P Hahaha anyway I'm flying off now. It's going to be a pretty busy week for me! D: So don't think I have gone anywhere. I would never leave you guys. ;)

Love from your owl! <3

Location: Tempura Island

Blogging SLife

Innocently waiting...

May 12, 2013


Don't I look all calm right now, holding my coffee and looking up into space again? I am one of the most mature people you could meet... Innocent, shy... LOL ok I am shy! Innocent? Hmmm most times anyway, I think. I am a wuss most times. I know for a fact though, that I am the worst liar in the world! I am also very curious. Too curious for my own good, people say. :P Anyway while I was meditating in SL a friend came up to me and we had the not-so-innocent or mature convo! LOL if you're wondering how SL virgins are... Well read this. 

Bob: i dont like sl sex and all but i like dance
Bob: watching ppl dance
Daniella (daniellabui): haha I've never had SL sex lol
Bob: ;)
Daniella (daniellabui): yeah I see :) it looks lovely
Bob: i m virgin too
Bob: lol
Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha
Daniella (daniellabui): yay
Bob: no dick
Bob: lol
Daniella (daniellabui): lol
Daniella (daniellabui): same
Daniella (daniellabui): :P
Bob: lol
Bob: dick?
Daniella (daniellabui): hahahaha
Bob: it must be horrible for yoou
Bob: lol
Bob: kidding
Daniella (daniellabui): hahaha yes the pain ;p Oh well
[Note: I changed his name because I am an angel.]

Well it might not be that bad for you! But I found it pretty hilarious. Especially since it feels like I haven't been meeting people in a while. I'm just too shy so I innocently wait for the opportunity to befriend someone. I am definitely getting my RL BF to join SL! You have no idea how many times I bump into some guy and they just ask if I want a SL bf because it could enrich my SLife. Well for me, one BF is enough thank you and I will consider it if my RL BF joins. The end. Lol Have a goodnight.

Lie Down

The Art Curator: "wonderful.....gorgeous feel to a lazy cat on a Sunday hehe"

Thank you The Art Curator! That was exactly what I was going for. I almost forgot. 



What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: SLink - Mesh Hands (av)
Hair: Truth - Edith in Espresso
Blouse: Erratic on MP - Amy Silk Blouse in red
Jeans: Monso - My First Jeans in Blue
Shoes: Purple Moon - Lace Pumps in White
Coffee: Free @Sweet Beans Cafe (My Location)


SLinky Belleza

May 11, 2013

Happy Girl

The moment I've been waiting for has finally come! Belleza has released their hand appliers for SLink mesh hands. Yaay! No more awkward lines when taking photos. :) I did have lots of trouble with SLink's other mesh hands. It was lovely but in certain windlight settings, one side of the wrist may be a different colour and it didn't look right. 

Pretty Hands

Anyway pretty hands. <3 The nail appliers are pretty awesome. I haven't worn the coloured ones yet but I might as well, with these lovely hands. ;) 


I'm feeling sleepy like I always do. :P Haha but I always have time to take pics in SL. It's what I do when I want to get away from everything. Well it doesn't mean I'm ingnoring everyone... It's getting pretty boring exploring by myself nowadays to be honest. 

What I'm Wearing: 
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: SLink - Slink Mesh Hands (av)
Hair: Truth - Caprice in Espresso
Shirt: Tee*fy @Collabor88 - Milena Ruffle Blouse in White
Jeans: Monso @FaMESHed - My First Jeans in Blue
Shoes: GABRIEL - Mesh Open Toe Boots

Location: Storm.

Analog Dog

Fifty Linden Fridays & Free: Belleza, Chrysalis & Analog Dog

May 11, 2013


Hello. It's Saturday today! (Well in AU). Anyway it's still Friday in SL. :) So I guess you better run down to Belleza for the Fifty Linden Friday offer! It is this lovely Chic Skin I'm wearing. It features this gorgeous sun-kissed tone and the smokey eye make-up. My Snapshot Marsala hair is also free too. I tinted this hair a bit to make it a darker brown. It is a gift from Analog Dog. You will find it in the bubbles when you fly to the island near Analog Dog. :) There are also many other hairs in the folder you receive!


This Margot dress from Chrysalis is the same one I wore in this post. I realised I forgot to wear the rose that came with it. :P Haha but it's in there. This Margot dress in brown is free and also available for a limited time! Chrysalis is free to join. 

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Chic Skin (50L$)
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hair: Analog DogSnapshot Marsala (Free)
Dress: Chrysalis - Margot in brown (Free for a limited time!)


Hey Pinkie

May 08, 2013


Have you guys missed my silly face yet? Well here it is. Again. :P I felt like trying something different so I thought, why not go with a hair colour I've never worn before? I'm wearing Truth's Mercedes hair in Fiaryfloss colour. The Mercedes hair packs are 35L$ each and 250L$ for the fullpack. The sale is still on and yet again, I can't get in. 


Anyway I feel all kinds of pink today. Thanks to (u.f.o for short). For this cute we love spring - 05.01 dress group gift. It is free to join u.f.o.

Talking about Truth and strange extraterrestrial stuff...

LOL... I mean I'm SO SORRY!

I just want to say, "I'm SOO SORRY!" Yes. I was caught in lag and couldn't move! I'm sorry for that poor woman underneath me. :P I promise next time no one will be caught under my dress by accident! I promise I won't wreck anyone elses' shopping experience. Just RUN to Truth! :P   

Shades of PINK

This owl is sleepy so... goodnight! :)


What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: SLink - Mesh Hands
Necklace: Magic NookVintage Watch Necklace (Paris Paris)
Hair: Truth - Mercedes in Fiaryfloss (Sale / 35L$)
Dress: u.f.o - We love spring - 05.01 (Free / Group Gift / Free to Join)
Shoes: GABRIEL - Mesh Open Toe Boots (free / free to join group


Tinies: Thank You!

May 06, 2013

Hey! I'm over here! Remember how I told you if you didn't sleep early you'll turn into an owl? No? Well let me explain again, no wait let me demonstrate... 

LOL and look I'm an owl. :) I finally got my owl avatar. Big and huge thanks to my tiny friends Gaea Singh, Mea Andretti and RayRay Mumfuzz for this lovely gift! They are one of the sweetest and cutest little tinies there are.

What is a tiny you might think? 
Here's a description I found in Gaea's shop, Steam Kitten - "A Tiny (PL Tinies), is an SL resident who wears a scripted avatar, which reducese him/her to approximately 2 feet in height. Tinies appear as animals, dragons, robots, aliens & just about any creature you can imagine. They are among the most creative critters in SL. There are many tiny sims in SL but one of the best is Raglan Shire. Please come visit us!"

My Tiny Grey Owl Avatar is from Wynxworks. Apart from owls there are many other adorable tinies to find there. The Tiny Grey Owl Avatar comes with a hud. I was playing with it in the photos above. Top left I am waving, clapping, sitting. At the bottom left to right I am lying down, crying and flying.

I met Gaea while I was exploring Raglan Shire. She was one of the first tinys I met who convinced me to get a tiny. She was kind enough to let me wonder through her store. Steam Kitten offers cute accessories, objects & vehicles for tinies, petites and humans. She also creates one of the most amazing robotic tinies! Look at how cute she was when I first met her! :)

These are my tiny friends. Omg I can't get over how cute they are. <3 The cat in the sailor suit is RayRay, the bunny rabbit in the police outfit is Mea and of course the little red Robot is Gaea. What I love and adore about my tiny friends is that under their cuteness, they are who they are. :) They each have their own uniqueness to them. You will hear them say "Tinies are the best" and I would have to somewhat agree because to me they bring out the laughter and joy of being themselves.

They must be one of the most fashionable tinies I've met! While I was with with them, they would change their little outfits constantly! I particularly love RayRay's Iron Cat look.

I wish I had saved the chat! :( They made me giggle. :)
Daniella: RayRay can you be my hero? 
RayRay: Save all the cute human girls! 
Mea Andretti: Put your hands up you are under arrest!
Hehehe I'm sorry tinies. You guys sound way cuter than that.

Again thank you Gaea, Mea and RayRay for introducing me to the world of tinies. I haven't learnt much yet but watching you guys felt like awesome fun and overwhelming sweetness. BIG soft owl hugs for each one of you & all the tinies & readers! :)

For all you wondering if I'll be forever an owl. Well, owl at night, human by day? :D (Except on Weekends) Hehe. well lets say I'm still on the human side but owl Dani will be useful for further huntings of certain. I mean cute-ing. Whichever. :P

Have a beautiful day or night. xoxo from your owl. :)

Blogger Challenges

Meme: I Wish Upon A Star...

May 05, 2013

I wish upon a star

I hope I'm not too late for this meme from Berry! I was waiting for that moment where the SL shooting star would appear... Until I found out three wishes were granted from genies, so I then went to find a lamp. :P I made my three wishes but they won't come true if I told you! That's the wishing rule. Well then again there was no point because everyones' wishes are pretty much like mine. Hahaha oh well, I share them with you anyway. :)

Wish 1: I wish I had a home. My own SL home! It would be nice to have my own privacy and freedom. Maybe even an island would be great. ;) Hehe the things I can get up to in Dani World (OK I'm kidding about Dani World... More like Daniville, Danielland, Dani-land, Danisland, Dani...)

Wish 2: I wish I had the skill and talent to create amazing things in SL. Why those people are so lucky. :P I would LOVE to create something! I will try one day if I have time. I wish I had more time. Whoops too many wishes, sorry. :P 

Wish 3: I wish Second Life had a better reputation so that I don't run into idiots newbs who want SLex! I mean so I can tell others I play it without feeling like a weirdo... I know some people who don't play SL think that the the game is for "sad people with no life" or perverts and dorks who need the virtual life SLex & gf/bf/furry etc. Well the truth is SL will never be perfect. There are different kinds of people in every corner of the world and in SL too. I guess that "not perfect" rule also applies to the real world. There will be sad people, lovely people, dramatic people and people who just want to have fun and enjoy life. SL is a game where you make it how you want to. I believe it doesn't have to have one particular label on its name. 

OK I would've gone on with more wishes but then again, I would tire my genie out so now I'm going to go look for a shooting star! :) 

Take care! xoxo 


What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Hair: Truth - Brandy in Espresso
Outfit: LIV Glam - Boutique - Spring 2013 - Zola Print Dress (With Hud) (free / free to join group)
Shoes: GABRIEL - Mesh Open Toe Boots (free / free to join group)


Gifts! IKON & LIV Glam

May 05, 2013

Yaay Gifts As much as I love my Deep Sky eyes from Mayfly, I also love eyes from IKON! Yes it's group gift time. :) These lovely Vanity eyes in Denim are free to IKON group members. IKON is free to join and is a great group to stay in because Ikon releases so many beautiful eyes. <3

Liv Glam
Have you gone down to The Designer's Showcase yet? Because they have this pretty Boutique - Spring 2013 - Zola Print Dress from LIV Glam as a free gift! (Once you join the Designer Showcase group which is free to join). It comes with a hud to change the colour of the outfit. There are other gifts to pick up as well while you are at The Designer's Showcase.

Winter Moon
I took my pictures at Winter Moon. To be honest I got pretty distracted. :P The place is really calm and peaceful. The way I like it because it's hard to have time by myself sometimes. 

What I'm Wearing: 
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: IKON - Vanity eyes in Denim (free / free to join group)
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands
Hair: Truth - Kasia in Lava (fades) 
Outfit: LIV GlamBoutique - Spring 2013 - Zola Print Dress (With Hud) (free / free to join group)
Shoes: GABRIEL - Mesh Open Toe Boots (free / free to join group)


Get Lucky At Bubblez!

May 04, 2013

Lucky Bubblez

Hello there. :) I said I would show you what I was wearing from my last post! Well I'm going to show you more. This Summer Night Dress I'm wearing is a lucky board prize from Bubblez! There are two options for this dress. You can wear it short like I have or as a long pretty gown. It also comes with the lovely necklace you see. There are eight lucky boards at Bubblez. I've got HEAPS of the prizes and haven't even finished collecting them all! 

Left to Right: Cutie Check OutfitMartika Outfit

What I looove about the prizes is that there are different styles for everyone! What I'm wearing above are some of the casual outfits you can get.

The Sorceress
The Soceress

If you're into fantasy then check out this amazing Soceress FULL AVATAR! Yeah that's right, it's one of the lucky board prizes! This sexy fantasy avatar, head to toe. It does come with a shape, eyes and a facelight but I decided not to wear them. 

Kawaii Bubblez
Star Pink Doll Outfit The Pearl Princess Tiara

For you kawaii lovers - is this Star Pink Doll Outfit! The Pearl Princess Tiara is not included in the outfit but it is also one of the lucky board prizes at Bubblez. :)

There are much more prizes. Get down to Bubblez now!

I'm feeling musical today. :P

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy 
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands

Hair: Truth - Moxie in Espresso

Blogging SLife

Come Away With Me

May 04, 2013

Come Away With Me

Good afternoon. Recently while looking through my oldie stuff and I came across this poem from a RL friend. I thought it was cute and sweet I had to share it with you! I sort of had to change it a bit 'cause I'm not sure if she'd let me post it. 

"I have a best friend who is always there for me.
She knows when I'm sad and she makes me happy.
She makes me laugh when I'm feeling down, because when I'm with her, there is no need to frown. 
Her hands are cold but her heart is warm. 
She makes the people around her smile for she is adored.
Her beautiful smile can brighten anyone's day because she's my best friend." 

It's hard to find a good friend nowadays don't you think? I'm thankful to have the best. <3 To be honest I did not have appropriate pictures for the poem. :P But I did want to share a song. For all my amazing readers and owl. <3

Never Stop Loving You
Come away with me in the night

Come away with me
And I will write you a song

Come away with me on a bus
Come away where they can't tempt us
With their lies

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows
So won't you try to come

I want to wake up...

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

And I want to wake up with the rain
Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms
So all I ask is for you
To come away with me in the night
Come away with me

What I'm Wearing: 
Will be in the next post. :P


Group Gifts: Good Girl

May 03, 2013

Good Girl

Hey! Everyone should know by know what a big wuss I am when it comes to showing some skin. :P Well I'll try prove you wrong! Lookie here, I'm wearing lingerie which is a freebie gift from INSOLENCE. I suck at being sexy I know, I look bored. LOL but this lingerie is actually really cute. I was looking through my messy inventory to find things I've never seen before. :O 


Haha also my viewer decided to die on me and took me aaaages for clothing textures to rez so I thought I might as well model these gorgeous Mesh Open Toe Boots gift from GABRIEL in lingerie! (Free to join GABRIEL). Look at those shoes people and they are free! A girl can never have enough shoes. There is a shoes gift up for men at GABRIEL as well. I hope you're still looking at the shoes. :P 

This song has been stuck in my head all day! It is catchy and might go with what I'm wearing. ;P

Bye bye for now. :)

What I'm Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava #0 in Medium
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky eyes in Amber Pitch
Eyelashes: Redgrave - Eyelashes -38- Classy 
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands

Hair: Truth - Video Games in Red
Lingerie: INSOLENCE - Valentine's 2012 Lingerie Gift (free)
Shoes: GABRIELMesh Open Toe Boots (free group gift) (free to join)

Blogging SLife

Welcome back Sick Owl

May 03, 2013

I need Sunshineeee

OMG I miss everyone sooo much! Sorry I haven't been on. I hope no one's ran away. I caught a cold (I know a good excuse for being SL lazy). Yeah... I would've made your pixels sick. ;P I'm still a bit sick because of stupid, crappy weather. It's killing me!!! Oh well. I shouldn't get too grumpy because... It's FRIDAY! Yaay! I missed so much this week so be good to me. 


I miss you sooo much avatar Dani! Did you get bigger? :O 

LOL OK... OK that's not me. :P Just a few of the lovely people in SL that I miss. Lets see what I can get up to now that I'm back. 


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