Trying New Things: Powder Pack

January 22, 2017

Powder Pack Ice Queen

I don't often try new things in SL especially skins and makeup but the January's Powder Pack gave me a good excuse to! The appliers in Powder Pack are catered to Catwa mesh head wearers. Be sure to pick this up as it is still available. When you pre-order the Powder Pack before the 17th you will pay 1,500 L$, as is no longer the 17th, the price is 3,000L$. You can also pick this up from MP. If you've upgraded your system head to a Catwa mesh head or if you simply love skins or makeup, I suggest you subscribe to Powder Pack for your monthly dose of high end, exclusive and new skin/makeup products. 

Here are few of the things I loved from this month's Powder Pack. This Bold & Beauty 'Gemma' skin I find absolutely beautiful and unique. Pink Fuel has always pleased me, when I saw all these lipstick options from them in the Powder Pack, I was overjoyed! These lippies are able to be blended to more opaque or translucent tone. My eye-shadow, 'Colorama' comes from SlackGirl. I love all the eye-shadows she has included. 

Ice Queen

I haven't yet shown you everything in this pack that I believe makes it worthy, therefore I suggest you check out Strawberry Singh's post. She un-boxes the pack here. She is an amazing and informative blogger who has probably helped every curious resident in SL with her detailed tutorials, posts and videos.

Thank you for reading!

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya 
Mesh Head Applier: Bold & Beauty - Gemma Skin / January Powder Pack
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes Catya
Eye-Shadow Applier: SlackGirl - Colorama / January Powder Pack
Lipstick Applier: Pink Fuel - Glossy Nudes / January Powder Pack
Mesh Eye Applier: Wow Skins - Mediterraneo Mesh Eyes - Available in appliers for Catwa's rigged eyes and normal mesh version (Lucky Board / Goup Needed / 450L$ Join Fee)
Hair: Truth - Irena
Headpiece: Purple Moon - Ice Queen Crown


Long Time No See!

January 20, 2017

Long Time No See

Hi guys! Haven't been on SL in a while. I've been busy, I've been accepted into university! Whoop whoop. I'm studying Animal Veterinary Biosciences. Now my next challenge is to complete it. Now private high school was bad enough so fingers crossed, let the new challenge begin and end swiftly. 

A Relaxing Kind of Day

Before uni begins, I thought I'd relax as much as I can in this comfortable lingerie "Babydoll" from Salt & Pepper. I also picked up these diamond leg straps "Gadhra metals" while I was there to add to the gorgeous lingerie. Both items come in a hud to change colours.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves!

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya 
Mesh Head Applier: Pink Fuel - Sabine
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Mesh Hands: Vista - Bento Prohands
Mesh Eyes: Mayfly - Luminous (Dusky Hazel Shadow)
Hair: Magika - Fool for Love
Lingerie: Salt & Pepper - Babydoll - Available sizes: Freya, Hourglass, Lara, Physique and Isis. (Group Gift / Free / 150 L$ Join Fee)
Leg Straps: Salt & Pepper - Gadhra metals - Available sizes: Maitreya, Physique and Hourglass. (Group Gift / Free / 150 L$ Join Fee)


Decorating My Studio

January 11, 2017

Furnishing and Decorating

Hello! I had purposed my Linden home as a photo studio that is used for my blog. As I was furnishing, I had to hunt down some low prim decorations to complete the finishing touches of the house. This is because my home only allows 175 prims. I started with a makeup table from Tarte, as I do need somewhere to get ready for my photo shoots, of course.

Close Up

My "Jolie Makeup Organizer" is a group gift from Tres Blah when you join the group (free of charge) and pick it up from their store. The makeup organiser is 1 prim and can be copied and modified. I also found these "Metal Candle Lanterns" for 10L$ from The Black Forest on MP. The beautiful lanterns are 1 prim and come in green, red, white, gold and rusty. They are able to be copied and modified.

This is the first time I've blogged about furniture here! There'll be more to come if you're interested.

Ps. I absolutely love these comfortable sporty clothes from Collabor88!

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Bento Catya
Mesh Head Applier: Pink Fuel - Sabine
Mesh Hands: Vista - Bento Prohands
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes
Eye Applier: DeeTaleZ - Appliers Catwa Eyes
Hair: Magika - Falling
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Top: HucciOroville Top "Rose" [@Collabor88]
Shorts: Pixicat - Sporty Shorts "Pink" [@Collabor88]

Blogging SLife

Wow, I'm in Need for some Fitness!

January 09, 2017

I Should Gym

It is often that our New Year's resolution involves working out and getting fit. Collabor88 has a new round of designs revolving around fitness. It will get you into the sporty mood and give you the motivation like it has for me.

As you can tell my love for fashion and high-quality cheapies hasn't died out. A lot of generous designers spoil us with beautiful gifts in SL. With the rising popularity of mesh heads due to Bento heads hitting the grid, designers have came out with Bento compatible skin appliers. I suggest if you haven't, to pick up this group gift from WoW Skins which is compatible for Catwa's bento mesh head and non-bento mesh heads. It includes appliers for your Catwa head and Omega compatible appliers for your mesh body. The join fee for Wow Skin's group is 450L$ however they offer regular gifts that can please any skin lover.


It's about time I go for a run. With that expression, I'm not quite sure how long I'll last!

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Bento Catya
Mesh Head Applier: Wow Skins - Janette Group Gift (450L$ One-Time Join Fee)
Mesh Hands: Vista - Bento Prohands
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes
Eye Applier: DeeTaleZ - Appliers Catwa Eyes
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Exile - Iron Maiden [@Collabor88]
Top: Tres Blah - Bib Tank Top "Chic" [@Collabor88]
Shorts: Pixicat - Sporty Shorts "Shiny" [@Collabor88]
Shoes: Pink Pearl DesignsPlayin Wif Da Boyz Tip Toe Sneakers "Pastels"

Blogging SLife

Hey! Just A Note to People

January 08, 2017

Oh Where Can My Kitty Be?

I may be rambling a bit here, but I wished that SL was easier to explain to people who don't play it. I have introduced it to my really close friends but it is hard to explain to the whole community outside SL. 

I'm not a secretive person when it comes to my personal life as I feel it is more comfortable to keep it real in both virtual and real worlds. I enjoy sharing what I love which is photography, people I adore, places and things I enjoy, and that includes all games I play like SL. 

That being said though, I do respect those who make Second Life a confidential part of their lives and keep it that way. However why does it have to be seen as just that, "a secretive game"? 

There is a stigma associated with people who play Second Life, with the help of non-long term players or people from the outside who describe it as a game for virtual world sex, cheating and/or trolling. How sad, right? No one out there really takes notice of the creativity associated with such virtual worlds, which are made by the very talented users themselves. People just assume that players who play this game seek pleasure that they can't attain in real life or have a depressing life. If people are truly hurt and seek SL for relief, let them be, it is none of your business. Like many games, Second Life is to me is for fun. I play many games, especially MMOs that I enjoy in my spare time. Second Life is one I go back to keep updated with the community, talk to friends from the other side of the world, and check on my favourite designers and check out new ones. 

Lately SL has attracted a lot of creepers due to its terrible rep but to be honest with you, that goes for digital and real life. You're going to meet all sorts of people on your adventures in both worlds which makes it all the more exciting. It's ok because on this blog I'll keep you updated on what's up in SL and so forth. Therefore hope you enjoy, as there's more to come.

What I'm wearing:
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya 
Mesh Head Applier: Pink Fuel - Sabine
Mesh Hands: Vista - Bento Prohands
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes
Eye Applier: DeeTaleZ - *Appliers* CATWA EYES 
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Magika - Falling
Dress: MaitreyaTwist Dress


Back From the Holidays

January 04, 2017

Summer Vibes

Hey! I've just gotten back from spending time with my family during the New Year's holidays. We went to the countryside which was different from my usual city adventures in RL. We saw lot of grapes. Oooh ahh how interesting (sarcasm). It was relaxing but oh how I have missed the city and the beach! It gets super hot in Australia so I'll be making sure I hit the waves again when I can. 

Beach Vibes

My beachy bikini top and accessories from Mon Cheri's gacha has given me summer vibes. They are 75L$ per play at their main store. My hair, "Sugar" is a group gift from Truth which gives you the options of having the bun styled with or without bangs. It also comes with a fat-pack of colours. The Truth VIP group join fee is 265L but I think it is a steal price for high quality locks by Truth Hawks every month! My lovely hoop earrings are a gift from Euphorie available on MP. 

Hope you all have a fantastic new year!

This photo was taken at: Baja Norte

What I'm wearing: 
Mesh Head: Catwa - Catya 
Mesh Head Applier: Pink Fuel - Sabine
Mesh Eyes: Catwa - Rigged Eyes
Eye Applier: DeeTaleZ - *Appliers* CATWA EYES 
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara
Earrings: Euphorie - Esme Earrings - (Free on MP)
Hair: TRUTH - Sugar - TRUTH VIP Group Gift / (265L Join Fee)
Tattoo: Mon Cheri - #22 MC.Tattoo.Silver (For Mesh Bodies only) - (Gacha play / 75L)
Necklace: Mon Cheri - #12 MC.Necklace.Moon - (Gacha play / 75L)
Bracelets: Mon Cheri - #16 MC.Bracelets.Moon - (Gacha play / 75L)
Arm Cuffs: Mon Cheri - #20 MC.Cuffs.Moon - (Gacha play / 75L)
Bikini Top: Mon Cheri - #4 MC.BikiniTop.Moon. Rare (For Mesh Bodies only - Available in Belleza Freya & Isis, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass* (experimental) - (Gacha play / 75L)
Shorts: Mon Cheri - Frayed Denim Hotpants / White


Treat Yourself This New Year!

January 01, 2017

My Catya Bento Head

Happy New Year! 

Goodbye and good riddance 2016. I'm welcoming 2017 with high hopes and positivity. Last year was my most stressful year of schooling so let's hope university makes up for it. In the meantime, since it is the summer holidays here, which is all about indulging in the good things, I've decided to treat myself to a Bento mesh head. This mesh head is "Catya" from Catwa! I'm still tweaking it as we speak but I can say I adore the full ability to customise. We can now look unique in high quality mesh heads, what more could I ask for?!

I am wearing Pink Fuel's "Sabine" Catwa Mesh Head Applier which is suited for Bento or Non-Bento Catwa mesh heads.

Hope you are all beginning your New Year with the people that you love.

This video from Catwa displays how the SL sliders work with the Catya bento head if you are interested in how it can be adjusted to your liking.

Demo it HERE


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